"Ingenious, inquisitive and intelligent are the three I's that completely define you. It's rare to meet people who are masters in anything they wish to do and that's who you are. Along with brilliance, you have got a heart as good as your brain. A down to earth person who is always ready to guide and help others in every possible way. No doubt its tough to attain the first position but at the same time it's very hard to maintain it and stay at the top. The consistency to do hard work has always been a major point to learn from you. You have got just the right passion and potential to be a great researcher. I appreciate your work on this website.  I wish that you keep lighting people as you always do"

HINA VERMA, Universite de Lyon

"I met Shankar Dutt during an internship at Ecole Polytechnique, where he too had gone for a summer internship program in experimental physics. At the very first instance, he came across as a very friendly and inclusive individual. Gradually, it turned out that he is also quite humorous and great company to have around. During that time and eventually, in the time that I have known him, I have seen him fulfil each new challenge with confidence yielding extremely good results. I have always found him valuing people and his relationships. His enthusiasm in any field is closely followed by a sense of responsibility. In every sense, he's a wonderful team-player and an extraordinary friend to have in your life"

RADHIKA GUPTA, Ecole Polytechnique

"You are one of the most dedicated students of physics I have come across. Your interest in physics and a zeal towards research is truly inspiring. Rarely, such students are seen, who are capable of making a contribution to the mankind, and You are one of the kind. I wish that your curiosity never gets satisfied and you keeps adding to the philosophy of nature, called physics."


As a person, you are very humble and down to earth. Despite being a top-level researcher, you are polite and humble that is what I like about you the most. You aren't egoistic. You have a good sense of humour and you are very intellectual. Happy Birthday Adieu Shankar is the memory I'll remember for the lifetime.


As a budding researcher, you are trully hardworking, dedicated and  passionate.  As a loving person you are amazing, jolly, caring, loving and happy soul. 


Your personality is quiet, obliging and sober. You are good at heart. You always meet everyone with a tender smile on your face and it's the best thing about you. No doubt you are an Intelligent person but you are down to earth. Anyone can tell that you are erudite in your field due to your enthusiastic motivation and temperament.


Firstly,  you are  hardworking. and intelligent. You are a lot helping as well. I miss the moments we have spent together, especially our bday parties. Last but not the least, you are fun loving as well. 


You are a great guy, a better friend. and a really good adviser. I really feel awesome whenever I  talk with you.  I have known you for two years and you have grown to be a better and better friend of mine with the passage of time.  I really wish u get everything u wish for. 


You are one of best seniors I ever met. You were always helpful and supportive. Constantly focused towards your goals is what inspired me the most. Discussing different topics with you were always so informative.


 I first met u as a researcher but  I must say that you have a splendid personality, a sweet and loving nature. You are quite helpful and your amicable behavior makes you a person of values. Also as a researcher,I think you are challenging and have deeper aspects of knowledge.


According to me, you are a down to earth person. You always give a positive kind of vibes. You understand things before learning them. And you are a selfless and genuine guy.


I will say two things about you:
1. You are very consistent hard worker.
2 2nd thing that I like most about you is your innocence and true heart.


I am very proud of you the day you got selected in France, I showed my whole class your offer letter and told them you are my friend  because I felt very proud of you. I wish you a prosperous and successful life . 


You are a very nice person,always helpful. You are really friendly and doesn't let anyone feel like he/she is talking to him for the first time. And of course one thing which I need not to tell anyone that he is definitely very intelligent.


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